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The total length of the section is 55,3 km. The second stage of our route will pass for the most part through the protected landscape area of ​​Litovelské Pomoraví, which aims to protect the natural meandering flow of the River Morava and the surrounding floodplain forests. Litovelské Pomoraví is a unique European area; the local wetlands are protected by the Ramsar Convention. Rare plant species grow here and the occurrence of birds is also significant.

We will start the stage in Šumperk (a) or Zábřeh (b), which are the last towns of the first stage. After joining the Moravian Trail, we will continue towards Mohelnice. In the village of Leština, we have the opportunity to turn off to Úsov. If we take this option, we will follow cycle route no. 6026. In Úsov we can visit the chateau (originally a Gothic castle), which houses a hunting and forestry museum. From Úsov, we will continue along cycle routes nos. 6026 and 6051 until we join again the Moravian Trail.

The Moravian Trail itself leads around sand quarries (natural swimming pools) to Mohelnice. In Moravičany, we can recommend a turn-off to Loštice along cycle route no. 6036, where the Museum of Olomoucký tvarůžek (local smelly cheese) invites you to visit it. From Loštice we will follow cycle route no. 6204 to Bílá Lhota, the main attraction of which is its arboretum (protected as a national natural monument). After a tour of this natural attraction, we will continue along the road to Mladeč.

If we decide to skip a visit to Loštice, we will ride from Moravičany to Mladeč, where we can descend into the underground world of the Mladeč Caves or go for a walk to the mysterious limestone hill of Třesín (a national natural monument). From Mladeč we will move on to Litovel, the centre of the Litovelské Pomoraví Protected Landscape Area. The town of Litovel offers a pleasant walk around its historic centre.

On the next leg of our trip, we will dive into the interior of the Protected Landscape Area; we will pass through the most valuable parts of the floodplain forests – through the Morava Branches National Nature Reserve (“Ramena řeky Moravy”). Along the way we will pass a number of memorable trees. Via Lhota nad Moravou and Hynkov we get to Horka nad Moravou, with the well-known environmental centre of Sluňákov, with an offer of cheap accommodation.

From Horka nad Moravou we will ride around the Poděbrady sand quarry (a natural swimming pool) to the Haná metropolis of Olomouc, with countless sights and great opportunities for cultural and sports activities, accommodation, and dining. The historical heart of the city is worth a visit – it has the second largest urban conservation area in the Czech Republic, with many museums (Museum of National History, Museum of Art, Archdiocesan Museum) and church monuments (St. Wenceslas’ Cathedral, St. Moritz’ Church, St. Michael’s Church). The Baroque column of the Holy Trinity, inscribed into the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List, dominates the Upper Square, where you can also admire the originally Gothic, later Renaissance-style City Hall and a unique astronomical clock.

You can go cycling around the beauties of the city along the sightseeing route (approx. 9.2 km), which is also suitable for families with children. The route starts and ends on the Upper Square (“Horní náměstí”). You can admire the City Hall with its astronomical clock, the Holy Trinity Column, the Arion Fountain, the Crown Fortress, the Botanical Garden, etc. If you want to be guided and learn a lot of interesting things about the sights, you can take a guided cycling tour of the city of Olomouc.

In the vicinity of Olomouc, we recommend visiting the Svatý Kopeček zoo or taking a ride on the new Hvězdná cycle path to Šternberk (with a castle and the Time Exhibition).

Czech Rail Bike

The recommended starting point for the Moravian Trail is Zábřeh na Moravě (line no. 270: Česká Třebová - Bohumín).

If you have children or you do not want to ride on roads, we recommend the railway station at Červenka (line no. 270: Česká Třebová - Bohumín) as the starting point. From Červenka it is only 2 km to Litovel, from where you can go to the Mladeč Caves, where you can start this stage.


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